Clairvoyance is the French word for clear vision. A vision in the inner eye, like clear hearing and clear feeling is also in your inner self. We use the inner self daily to sense, hear, feel, taste and smell with.

It also comes as our intuition and feeling. Clairvoyance is often referred to as our 6th sense.

Say Yes to life! And that life continues after death. For how else are we to communicate with our loved ones?
I try to make a point of explaining I don’t take things for granted and that I can’t always be sure that anything or anyone comes through to me.

I will however, say that they are often waiting in line to come in contact with their loved ones and often give a clap on the back/good advice to help one get on with their life.

My sittings last about 45 min. and it is plenty of time to get through most subjects and questions.
It is a good idea to write down questions you may have.

The fact that you are sitting in the energy and with the thoughts of your loved ones from the other side, help them to be prepared to answer your questions since they can sense what you
want to know. Then it is up to them to decide what information they want you to leave with.